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Here are some of newest games that we have created.
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Box'n Bots: Robot Boxing

Available on Google Play Store
Ages 8+
Multiplayer or single player


In this arcade-style boxing game, challenge a computer-based robot or join a match online to play other people in real-time. Boxn’ Bots is a fast-paced and competitive game built for everyone. Click the image to check it out in the google play store.


Three Gen Games took root in 2017 from a joint love of computers and coding with high aspirations. Today, Three Gen Games is establishing itself in the market of mobile and computer-based gaming as a family-based business with a focus on bringing unique concept gameplay to reality. The drive behind this force is founded on consistent learning and growing- aiming to expand user reach and continue to produce fun, creative gameplay that brings people together or initiates a conversation.


John Manda JR


John graduated from Control Data Institute in 1989 with a Certificate of Computer Technolgy. In 1995 John started his software development career developing in Basic and Visual Basic. In 2008 John went back to school and achieved his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. John has been a developer, business analyst, project manager and development manager over the last 30 years.

One of John's hobbies is creating video games. So he and his son decided they should start a software development company creating video games since they both enjoy coding and working on games. On one of their first projects, they incorporated help from John’s father in law Charlie (who is also a long time developer, 45 years in the business). So having three generations of the family working on a project they decided on the name Three Gen Games LLC


John Manda III


John graduated from RMU in 2018 with a B.A in computer information systems. Computer wise- he has a strong background in c sharp, javascript and unity; but it doesn’t stop there as he continues to teach himself and learn different languages to better equip his skillset. His love of video games turned into a love of creating them-which runs in the family. The importance of family can be seen in the games made as well as his hobbies and interests: which include camping and boating with his family.

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